Road Works Library

Do you want to move or set up road works?

The Road Works Library shows you how a No stopping area is approved, set up, lifted and read. You will also find out which traffic signs have to be set up to set up road works.

Warning signs


Find out which traffic signs are used to secure road works, what they mean and when they need to be put up.

1 Module

Traffic sign 123

“No Stopping”


Find out how “No stopping” traffic signs are applied for, approved, set up and read in the course of road works and how existing “No stopping” traffic signs are lifted.



Get a deep insight into the application process for setting up road works.

2 Modules

How to apply for road works

How to apply for sidewalk works

Standard blueprints


Get information on how to use the standard blueprints and access modified standard blueprints from our community.

4 Modules

Modified Traffic Sign Plans

Sidewalk works

Half of the roadway

Traffic light

Full roadway

Traffic sign blueprints


Get access to exclusive traffic sign blueprints that you won’t find in the rulebooks.