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Hi, my name is Markus and I am the founder of stvo2Go. Have you ever wondered:

  • What does this traffic sign mean now again?
  • What new traffic signs will be introduced with the new StVO?
  • Under what conditions may this traffic sign be erected?
  • Can I stop or park here?
  • Where can I find current case law on traffic law?
  • How is a heavy transport approved?

… then you are exactly right here!

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About the founder of stvo2Go Markus Herbst

stvo2Go was founded on 14 November 2019.

Markus writes for professional journals and lectures at administrative schools on issues related to road traffic law.

He deals in particular with the topics of bicycle traffic and heavy traffic.

Over the years, Markus has already collaborated with the following administrative schools and journals:

Our authors

Christoph Lazecky

Christoph was a senior staff member of a traffic authority in a large county town for 11 years.

During this time, he was the contact person for traffic ordinances and permits for events, as well as the head of the Municipal Enforcement Service.

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